Main Window Toolbar

The Toolbar displays the most commonly used commands, allowing the users to scan computer or network for keys, manage program list or set program options. The Toolbar includes Export, Print Preview, Select computers to scan, Refresh list, Select action, Find text, Options, About Recover Keys and Exit buttons.

Button Description
Recover Keys Export Button
Allows you to save the list of programs and license keys to HTML (*.html), Text file (*.txt), comma-separated file (*.csv), tab-separated file (*.txt), XML (*.xml), Excel (*.xls), Word (*.doc) or Rich Text format (*.rtf).
Recover Keys Print Button
Print preview
Opens the Print preview window, displaying the list of programs and license keys.
Select computers to scan
Select computers
Opens the Select computers dialog box, where you can select one or more computers for scanning for license keys.
Update the list of program license keys
Refresh list
Updates the list of programs and license keys.
Find a program on the Product keys list
Find keys
Opens the Find dialog box, where you can find a program on the Program list by typing the word or phrase you want to find.
Select action button
Select action
Shows Select action dialog. Same one, which shows when program starts
Options dialog at key finder
Opens the Options dialog box.
About Recover Keys
Opens the About program window with detailed information about the program and the developer company.
Exit Button
Closes the program.