License policy of Recover Keys

This article will explain license policy of each version of Recover Keys. Recover Keys got 5 different versions (Single, Basic, Premium, Enterprise and Portable), below you can see comparison table of each version features and limitations.


Each version of Recover Keys can be installed and used in any commercial, private or non-profit environment

No annual subscriptions

The purchased license is a one-time payment, without any hidden fees or time-limited subscriptions

Users limitation

One license is limited to one user (user can be individual or a company)

Installations limitations

Depending on version of Recover Keys it can be installed on number of PCs:

License Number of PCs Description
Single license Only 1 PC Only 1 PC
Basic license Up to 9 PCs You can install Basic license on up to 9 PCs or scan up to 9 network computers.
Premium license Up to 99 PCs You can install Premium license on up to 99 PCs or scan up to 99 network computers. Also this license allows you to scan several network computers at the same time.
Portable license Does not require install / unlimited (inside 1 company) Only within same company. Portable license is best solution for PC-repair-shop-alike businesses. You will be able to use it on any amount of clients computers.

NOTE: Portable version does not support network scan of any kind.
Enterprise license Unlimited (inside 1 company) Only within same company. You can install it on any amount of PCs and/or scan unlimited number of network computers. For your convenience, portable version and command-line version are also included with this license.
MSP license Unlimited MSP License is the best option for IT service providers. There's no limitation on the number of clients this license will be used with. Being a Service Provider you can install the purchased software at the clients side for inventory purposes for any time limit. There's no limitation on the number of PCs you can scan.

MSP license is same as Enterprise license, the only difference is that Enterprise license is limited to 1 company only, while MSP license allows you to install/use it on clients PCs.

Easy upgrade to upper license

If you would like to upgrade your license from Single License to Basic or Premium or Enterprise - all you will need to do is to pay the difference. For example if you already have Single license and you want to upgrade to Basic license you will need to pay $69.95 - $29.95 = $40. After purchase you'll receive coupon code with discount value of purchased product price and you can use it to upgrade to upper license.