What's new in Recover Keys version 7.0

Major changes

- 4500+ software programs supported. About 1000 new programs were added to our list of supported programs, since last version of Recover Keys.

- Deep scan. After experimental "Shot-gun" mode scan, we're introducing "Deep-scan" mode, which looks into Windows registry for suspicious data entries, like SerialNumber, RegNo, ProductKey, etc. Since no matter how many programs we will add into Recover Keys database it will never be enough, as there are millions of them. It will work not only for local scan but also for network, hive, reg file scan as well.

- Mac Product Key Finder. Or Recover Keys for Mac OSX which now supports 180 apps. Freeware and Professional versions are available.

- Scan Mac OSX remotely from Windows. In our new version of Recover Keys you can scan network Mac OSX, same as network Windows PC. Available in Premium and Enterprise licenses only.

- Smarter scanner. Our scanner became smarter, now after clicking "Scan local computer", Recover Keys will determine if any other (not currently running) Windows operating systems are installed on other or external hard-drives and automatically scan them as well.

- Delete license info. Some apps even after you uninstall them still keep their registration information. Now you can remove this data from the system using right-mouse click in Recover Keys.

- Improved command-line version. Command-line (CLI) version now supports many more options.

- New languages. Available in 24 languages.