Context menu / Product list

When you click the right mouse button anywhere in the Product list area, the context menu appears. For certain commands you should click on the row displayed.

Item Description
Copy selected cell Copies selected cell to the clipboard
Copy selected row(s) Copies selected row(s) to the clipboard
Select all Allows selecting all rows from the product list.
Deselect all Cancels the selection of selected files.
Delete selected row(s) Allows removing row(s) from the product list.
Refresh Updates product license information for selected computers. If no computers were selected, performs search for local computer.
Find Allows users to perform search for text in the product list.
Change license key Allows changing product license key. For more information, please read the Changing Product License Key section.
Delete selected row(s) license info Actually removing product keys from registry of selected rows. Some software even after uninstall leaves licensing information on your computer - using this feature you can actually remove unwanted data