Wine environment on unix systems.

If you're using Linux or any other Unix operating system, you probably will use Wine simulator to run Windows apps. Same as in Windows operating system, some applications will have to be registered with product keys, which are stored somewhere. Since version 12.0, you can use Recover Keys to scan for product keys with Wine on your unix.

If you want to run UI version you will need to have MSXML installed. It's very easy to do. Just type these 2 commands into a Terminal:

winetricks msxml6
winetricks msxml3

If winetricks is not installed on your unix, use one of these commands to install it (depending on your distro):

Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install winetricks
Fedora: sudo dnf install winetricks
macOS (using Homebrew): brew install winetricks

If you want to scan unix Wine environment remotelly, nothing is needed really. You can just scan it as a network computer without installing MSXML as mentioned above.