What's new in Recover Keys version 6.0

Major changes

- 3600+ software programs supported. About 500 new programs were added to our list of supported programs, since last version of Recover Keys.

- New license: Portable. This license is not limited on number of PCs used within one company, but does not support network scan. This license can be installed on USB-thumb drive or simply copied.

- Dramatically optimized scan speed. Local scan is now 8 times faster. Significant amount of time can be saved while scanning large network.

- New 'Smart scan' feature. Checks 'boot.ini' and if PC has more than one Windows OS installed - it will scan all of them.

- Improved export functions. Everything according to RFC specifications and better looks.

- Export to Excel, Word and RTF will work without Office. There is no need to have Microsoft Office installed anymore in order for export to Word, Rich text format and Excel work.

- No more limitations for export functions. Every export format is now available in all licenses, from Single to Enterprise.

- View mode. You can switch between old look and new look which has just 3 columns (Product, Type, Value)

- Improved hive scan. Increased speed and fixed bugs.

- Simultaneous hive scan. Scan up to 10 hives at the same time.

- Portable version in one file. Portable version (former USB-stick version) is no longer require any other file expect self generated 'settings.ini'. All required files, including localization are now embedded in resources.

- 64-bit version is available. For those who wanna use power of 64 bit CPUs.

Network scan changes

- Auto-start "Remote registry" service. There is no longer need to have "Remote registry" service started on network PC. Recover Keys will do it for you automatically.

- Test connection. Not sure if entered correct password or is firewall configured properly? Now you can test connection before connecting.

- Ping before connect option. In case of scanning large IP range or list of computers ability to 'ping' remote PC before connecting is essential to speed up process.

- Fixed 'open files' problem. Which could cause "Multiple connections to server are not possible..." error. Now after job is done program disconnects from network PC properly.

- Fixed problem with scanning network PC when user is not logged-in. Since Windows mounts user's HKCU registry hive after login - not all keys were found. Now Recover Keys will mount everything automatically.

Advanced features

- Shot-gun scan mode. Shotgun mode scan is a different approach to find product keys. It will scan whole Windows registry for suspicious values (like Serial, RegCode, etc.)

- .reg files scan. You can now scan .reg file exported from 'regedit' or other program.

- Manual Adobe cache.db scan. You can now manually scan adobe registration file.

- StdOut in cmd. For CSV, TXT, XML, tab-separated file command-line version can put output into stdout instead of file.

Other changes

- Reduced size. We have removed all not used code and decreased EXE size by 1 MB.

- Removed auto-updater. That what seemed to be awesome feature in the end appeared to be scaring lots of users, concerned about privacy of their product keys. Program no longer requires internet connection and does not access any website.

- New languages. Available in 21 languages.