Shot-gun scan mode

Normal local scan in Recover Keys is performed using program's internal database, which includes records for each software title supported, where exactly it stores its product keys, so program knows exactly where to look, whether it is in registry, file, database or somewhere else. For some software (like Microsoft or Adobe) product keys are encrypted and Recover Keys will decrypt it as well.

As for shot-gun mode scan - it uses different approach. It scans whole Windows registry for suspicious names (like Serial, RegCode, ProductKey, ActivationCode and many more). Since Recover Keys's internal database at the moment includes 11,000 software supported and there are millions of programs out there, it would be impossible to support every program in the world. Shot-gun scan mode, however could find some of product keys which normal scan couldn't. But of course, a lot of non-product keys related information will be showed as well.

This scan type is experimental; it was created at first as a small tool for our users, who wanted to help us expand our databases of supported software. In version 6.0 we would like to try maybe other users would find it useful.

Shot-gun scan mode dialog in Recover Keys program

After scan is finished successfully, you will be asked if you'd like to help us (Recover Keys Team) and send us list that was found in your PC, so we could include it in our database for future versions. This information could be really useful for us, and we would be really grateful for all your help.