Printing and Saving the License Information

Printing the list of Product keys

When you print a list of product keys, Recover Keys automatically scales it to fit within the margins of your paper. This sometimes causes the page to be reduced in size. You can use Print Preview to see how a printed list of product keys will look and to adjust page orientation, scaling, and margins.

To print a list of product keys:

  1. In Recover Keys, click the 'Print preview' button Print Preview Button on the Toolbar.

  2. In the 'Print preview' window, click 'Print'.

  3. Set the printing options you want, and then click 'Print'.

  4. When the page is printed, click 'Close'.

Saving the list of Product keys

Recover Keys allows you to save the list of programs and license keys to HTML (*.html), Text file (*.txt), comma-separated file (*.csv), tab-separated file (*.txt), XML (*.xml), Excel (*.xls), Word (*.doc) or Rich Text format (*.rtf) file types.

To save a list of product keys into a file:

  1. In Recover Keys, click the 'Export' button Save the list of product keys on the Toolbar and select the file type you want to use.

  2. In the 'Save as' dialog box, type a name for the file.

  3. Click 'Save'.