Recover Keys Hot-keys / short-cuts

Shortcut Action
Global actions
F1 Open help file
F3 Launch "Select action" dialog
F4 Select computers to scan dialog
Ctrl + F Search dialog
Ctrl + C Copy selected cell to clipboard
Ctrl + Alt + C Copy selected row(s) to clipboard
Ctrl + A Select all rows
Ctrl + Alt + Left Collapse all records
Ctrl + Alt + Right Expand all records
Ctrl + Left Collapse selected record
Ctrl + Right Expand selected record
Ctrl + Tab Switch between "Product key databases" and "Product key scanner" tabs
Ctrl + S Save scan results to a file
Ctrl + O Launch Options dialog
Ctrl + P Print preview dialog
Alt + Q Quit Recover Keys program
Product key scanner
Ctrl + F2 Change product key of selected row
F5 Refresh (scan again)
Ctrl + Alt + A Add selected row(s) into database
Ctrl + Del Delete selected row(s)
Product Key databases
Insert Add new database entries
F2 Edit selected entries
Shift + F2 Edit computer list for selected database
Ctrl + Del Delete selected entries
Ctrl + Alt + Insert Add existing database(s)
F5 Refresh (reload all database(s) data)
Alt + Enter Properties of selected database