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Recover Keys Product KeyFinder review by Softpedia


Recover Keys is a powerful Windows tool designed to help users recover product keys for Windows, Microsoft Office and many other installed apps. As compared to all the other apps on the market developed to serve the same purpose, Recover Keys provides many more options, allowing you not only to scan the local computer, but also network workstations, another Windows operating system or various Windows components.

For example, Recover Keys can look for product keys in the Adobe cache.db file if you're trying to get the license key for an Adobe piece of software, but it can also check registry files for available information. A standard scan doesn't take more than a few seconds, with Recover Keys showing the product name, type and license key in a very well organized interface.

What's more, the application lets you export the collected information to a number of popular formats, including TXT, HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, CSV or XML.
Although a help section isn't available in the app, the developer lets you ask for technical support using an online contact form, but an Internet connection is obviously needed.
The program however works smoothly on all Windows versions and it doesn't affect the overall stability of the system. No administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations.
To sum up, Recover Keys is clearly one of the best tools developed to recover lost product keys. It provides a great feature package and comes with a straightforward GUI that makes everything easy as pie for all user categories.

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Bogdan Popa, Softpedia on July 13th, 2012 review of Recover Keys

Recovery keys is an excellent, full featured keyfinder program.
Pros: Supports a huge list of programs and games, well designed interface, scanning of networked computers is very easy. Cons: Keys are not displayed instantly, installation is required.

Finds Keys for Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and NT. Finds Keys for Other Software: Most Microsoft Office programs, Adobe applications, and many other popular programs - well over 800 in total. I tested Recover Keys using their demo version which restricts product key recovery to the first 4 characters.

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Tim Fisher,

ComputerBild review


Finally, no stress when you reinstall a program.
Originaly was writteln in German: Endlich keinen Stress bei der Neuinstallation eines Programms

ComputerBild - Ausgabe 03/2010

KomputerSwiat review

Komputer Świat

The full version of the program reads the product keys for the applications installed on your computer. It prevents us from loss of activation keys, in case of a system crash or hard drive - a list of keys can be saved to a file or printed. Recover Keys detects the serial numbers for Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe products and 700 other programs.

Originaly was writteln in Polish: Pełna wersja programu do odczytywania kluczy produktów do aplikacji zainstalowanych w komputerze. Zachowanie takich informacji chroni nas przed uciążliwą utratą kluczy aktywacyjnych w przypadku awarii systemu lub dysku twardego - listę kluczy można zapisać w pliku lub wydrukować. Recover Keys wykrywa numer seryjny do Windows, Microsoft Office, produktów Adobe i 700 innych programów

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Komputer Świat - 12/2011

PCUser review

Australian PC User

Recover Keys is a great solution to the problem as it finds and lists the keys and product ID numbers for you.

PC User editorial team - 11/2008

ComputerIdee review

Computer Idee

Besides drivers there are serial numbers and activation codes worth preserving, in order to restore from a system crash. Get your valuable software product keys quickly with Recover Keys. Recover Keys can be downloaded from The software is not free, unfortunately the demo version only shows the first four characters of a registration code found. Fear not: the program, with a price tag of $24.95 is quite affordable. Given the potential of misery that it prevents, is definitely worth the purchase.

Originaly was writteln in Dutch: Naast stuurprogramma's zijn serienummers en actievatiecodes het bewaren waard, al was het maar om na een systeemcrash uw kostbare software snel te kunnen terugzetten. Met Recover Keys achterhaalt u in een handomdraai de serienummers van uw software. Recover Keys is te downloaden vanaf De software is niet gratis, de demoversie toont helaas alleen de eerste vier karakters van een gevonden registratiecode. Vrees echter niet: het programma is, met een prijskaartje van 24,95 dollar, best betaalbaar. Gezien de mogelijke ellende die u ermee voorkomt is dat bedrag de aanschaf absoluut waard. Na downloaden en installeren klikt u in het dialoogvenster op Scan local computer.

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Computer Idee nummer 15, jaargang 2009

MyDigitalLife review

My Digital Life

Recover Keys is a program that diagnose your system to search and recover or retrieve all genuine and valid product keys which also known as serial numbers for all installed software. Recovery Keys then makes a backup of the list, or users can opt to just viewing the keys, print the list or save to a text file.

The software is useful if you have lost or forgotten the serial keys, especially the utmost important activation keys for Windows operating system or other major software you purchased, which must be used when you want to re-install them again.

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My Digital Life Editorial Team

TechMixer review


Recover Keys is a tool to retrieve lost or misplaced product keys of MS-Office, Windows or other software installed on your computer. With Recover Keys you simply diagnose your system for all installed software and make a backup, print it or save to the text file.

Naomi, TechMixer editor

eHow review


Recover Keys software can retrieve product keys that are installed on your local hard drive or remote network computers. This tool quickly scans your computer and creates a list of product keys. You can then save, copy and print them. Recover Keys allows you to export the product keys information to text, HTML and CSV file formats. Novices and experienced computer users can use this tool.

Recover Keys retrieves product keys for applications such as Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, AutoDesk 3DMax and Corel Draw. Recover Keys also backs up product keys for software applications that you recently purchased.

To find product keys on your remote network computers, you must enter the PC name or the IP and authorization user name and password. Recover Keys supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. In addition, this tool is available in other languages, such as French and Italian.

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Felicia Blue, eHow Contributor

3dNews review


One of the features of the program Recover Keys - the ability to scan both the local computer and remote. This feature of the program only works if the user has the appropriate administrator rights. In addition to the serial number, Recover Keys identifies the programs IDs as well as some additional information on registration - name of the user you are logged on, and the company name.

Unlike other similar utilities, this program allows us to refine the search by specifying the registry keys that will be scanned - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and HKEY_USERS. In addition, the settings you can set a filter by selecting from the available list of applications by those who need to find a serial number. In the list of programs for which this utility can read from the registry keys are products from companies like Autodesk, Adobe, Sony, Norton, and many others. A complete list of supported applications can always be viewed on the official website.

Originaly was writteln in Russian: Одна из особенностей программы Recover Keys – возможность сканирования как локального компьютера, так и удаленного. Эта функция программы работает лишь в том случае, если пользователь обладает соответствующими правами администратора. Помимо серийного номера, Recover Keys идентифицирует ID программы, а также некоторую дополнительную информацию о регистрации – имя пользователя, на которого выполнена регистрация, и название компании.

В отличие от других аналогичных утилит, данная программа позволяет уточнить область поиска, указав разделы системного реестра, которые будут сканироваться - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT и HKEY_USERS. Кроме этого, в настройках программы можно задать фильтр, выбрав из доступного списка приложений те, к которым необходимо найти серийный номер. В перечне программ, для которых данная утилита может считать из реестра ключ, продукция компаний Autodesk, Adobe, Sony, Norton и многих других. Полный список поддерживаемых приложений всегда можно просмотреть на официальном сайте.

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Sergei and Marina Bondarenko, 3dNews editorial

Sharewarepros Editor Review

Shareware Pros

This is a smart utility that finds and shows the installation keys of Microsoft's products and many others. In conclusion, Recover Keys is an useful program, intended for Windows users and network administrators to keep their license records safe, through a simple backup procedure.

programs installed on local and network computers with the required administrative rights; in addition, it offers support for Microsoft's products family and many others; the list of supported programs is expanded up to 6500+ titles.

This utility can save time and effort by enabling users to realize a backup's keys of the installed applications; it could be useful in the common situation when the computer has crashed, avoiding having to contact developers of each program for a replacement key or in some cases having to purchase a new license.

The program's interface is simple; it scans automatically the entire system looking for product keys and serials, not only on the local computer, also across the network's workstations. Its optimized searching engine is capable of locate the keys on the registry or hidden files, according to the product specifications.

The scan procedure takes a few seconds to collect and show the serial records along with product name and license type. The collected data is shown as a report within the main interface, users will be able to export it as diverse formats; for example, plain text or CSV, HTML pages, MS documents or XML.

Recover Keys is really easy to download and install, the package only weight 6MB, and it comes with the required elements to deploy it without having to set up additional apps in the target computer. Moreover, the program doesn't require special hardware; it can be installed on standard computers, supporting all versions of Windows.

In conclusion, Recover Keys is an useful program, intended for Windows users and network administrators to keep their license records safe, through a simple backup procedure.

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SharewarePros editorial review

FileHorse review


Find and backup list of all your license keys and product ID numbers with ease using Recover Keys.

FileHorse editorial review


Recover Keys also received lots of awards. Recover Keys was mentioned in many computer related magazines, tech-savvy websites and software catalogs.

Software Informer - Editor's pick award PCWelt 4 stars award FindMySoft 4 stars award LO4D 4.5 stars award

For the full list of Recover Keys awards click here.

Other reviews and testimonials

Lets you preview search results before paying! Saved me over $40 right away by recovering my blood bowl legendary edition player key.

the only cons are the other reviews here. I almost didn't try this program because of them. All I can say though is download it and do the free search and preview and decide for yourself. I'm glad I did ;)

i purchased a new laptop and wanted to move some games to my new computer. Recover Keys was able to find all my CD and player keys on my existing computer so that I would not have to re-purchase several games for my new computer. so if you're like me and don't remember what site you purchased a downloadable game from - Recover Keys can help you out.

March 13, 2012 By coachkropp


I downloaded several product key finders, this one seems to be best. List of supported programs is huge, interface nice and works with HDD that is not bootable anymore. Can scans remote PCs (maybe a bit slow on WiFi network).

Did found any

Must have for system administrators.

December 15, 2010 By RickUK

I want to thank you and your company for a great product.
It has become invaluable as I repair and update computers for various non-profit and school based organizations. I've been using it to catalog their applications and it has been a great assist in that regard.

November 13, 2010 By JHB

Updated itself immediately. Found keys quickly. However, it does access Internet every time you scan your hard drive for keys. If you have lost a key & anticipate installing program on new computer, it will do the job for you. Oh, and yes, I know there are probably freeware alternatives, I just don't want to hear about them. ;-)

Fred Llauget

Neat program! I use to have to write down my keys just in case. Now I don't have to. The program does all the hard work for me. I can simply print it out for safekeeping and at the same time save it on my computer for future reference. Simple, yet very effective!


Installed without problems on XP. Found 27 keys of which 12 are Microsoft software. Saved a printout for future reference just in case PC goes belly up :)


Nice program! I have been wanting something like this for ages

Ashutosh Mishra

Very nice program. I have always wanted a compiled list of all my registration keys. Thanks!


Wow what a great little program,. Works well and was easy to export to a flash drive. Thank you so much keep up the great work

F Bluhat

I like it. Whether it found every single key or not. It found a LOT of them. Many of which I had lost. Did find the Win XP key. I have the disk, but lost the key. Maybe there is some other way to find this key, but I don't know it, and this was very easy!

Thanks, good program with an unique (and needed) use!

Bill Marsh

Wow, much improved over the previous version! This version was able to record all of my keys except for one. I am happy enough with it that I will put it on at least one other machine. Definately a thumbs up!!


great program, i use a lot of licensed software, and to have all the keys in the same place is so much more convenient. i had a pretty food success rate with my first search, it found 97 of 99 programs.